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Behind the Business Vol. 2: Who are Nick&Fritz?

OK, so if you read vol. 1 of our Behind the Business series last week, you’ll know that Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats was founded by Anne. Wait what? I’m confused. We know, we know. Read on for the full story!

Let’s start from the beginning. The most exciting thing about starting a business is getting to pick the name, right? Wrong! It is one of the hardest! We had finally narrowed it down to a top 5 list that we were pretty excited about. Before making a final decision, we needed to do a quick background check (for lack of better description) on each potential name. This involved checking the domain and trademark availability. In addition, and probably more importantly, scouring the internet to see what came up when you googled each name. Let us tell you, there’s some weird sh*t out there. “WWW” should stand for “wild, wild west”*!

Anyway, either the name was already taken by another business or the google search turned up way too many strange things you wouldn’t want associated with a business (*cough cough* so many porn-related results (!)). Even naming it after our founder, Anne, wasn’t not an option. Turns out there is a woman in Luxembourg with the same first AND last name running a very similar business. We kid you not – check it out.

At this point, we were out of ideas. Anne started calling the business Nick&Fritz as a joke just to have something to call it. But Nick is actually the name of her husband and Fritz is their cat! It was only supposed to be a temporary name until someone had a better idea but it stuck and here we are today!

We personally think there is no better name. Our founder moved to Munich for love and she decided to found a company celebrating all the delicious sweet treats she loves making and sharing with you so why not name it after her two other loves? Too much?? Well, you are reading a website focused on sweetening your day, no one said sugar was the only way to do that! 😉

Have a great week guys and check back next week for vol. 3 of Behind the Business!

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*instead of the worldwide web if you were curious

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