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Behind the Business vol. 4: Our Values - Handcrafted & Organic

In last week's edition of Behind the Business we shared the background of our mission (check it out here). Over the next few weeks we will share the meaning behind our values & how we live them! Starting today with Seasonal Ingredients

Here at Nick&Fritz, we believe in supporting sustainable eating & harvesting habits. We do this by rotating our menu with the seasons. Each of our fruit or vegetable based sweet treats highlights currently in-season produce. For example, in the summer we highlight summer berries with our Blueberry Muffins. In autumn, we featured pumpkins with our delicious - totally non-biased - Pumpkin Spice Mini Cakes! (Which are also now available as a Baking Kit!)

Why is this important to us? We believe there are three benefits – richer flavor better nutritionit is environmentally friendly, & it ensures a balanced diet.

Produce which is picked at peak ripeness has a higher nutritional value & richer flavor because it has naturally ripened to its fullest on the vine. In a study monitoring the vitamin C content of broccoli, researchers found that broccoli grown & harvested during its peak season (autumn) had almost double the amount of vitamin C compared to broccoli harvested in the off-season (spring).

The second benefit is that eating in-season produce reduces carbon emissions. Ripe produce must be sold locally in order to avoid spoiling before it reaches the store. It has a shorter “shelf life” & cannot withstand long transportation without spoiling. This means, if you are eating strawberries in December, they are likely from far away. They would have been picked before they were ripe & ripened during transport, often with the aid of chemicals.

Choosing to eat produce which is in season decreases the need for long transportation resulting in reduced carbon emissions. On average, fruits & vegetables currently travel around 2500km (1,300–2,000 miles) to get from farms to stores. Our consumer behavior can reduce the demand for this transportation if we buy directly from local farms, shop at farmers markets, or look out for labels which say “regional” in your local grocery store.

Lastly, if you eat a seasonal diet, you are almost guaranteed a balanced diet due to the ever-revolving menu of the seasons! Each season brings with it new produce to enjoy & with that, ensures you are always changing it up in the kitchen!

What do you think? Are you convinced to eat seasonally? Let us know in the comments below!

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