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Behind the Business Vol. 3: Our Mission

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Behind the Business blog, you can read the previous posts about our founder and name here!

For the next few Behind the Business blogs, we will be sharing our mission and values with you! What they mean to us and why we chose them specifically to represent our business. First up: our mission. What is our goal with Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats? Well, let us tell you!

You have probably seen that our slogan is “Sweetening your day, one treat at a time!” and the goal behind that is to create delight with delicious, handcrafted sweet treats. We do this either be by delivering Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats right to your door or enabling you to make your own at home with our recipes and Baking Kits!

By sweetening your day, we are talking about a lot more than just a literal sugar rush (that’s a given anyways 😉)! We hope that at every touchpoint with Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats, we spread good vibes! Whether it is spending time baking one of our recipes with a loved one; a surprise arriving at your door when you are having a rough day; or experiencing our passion and love for the business when interacting with the Nick&Fritz team and our social media community. Our hope as a business is that we are able to bring a smile to your face each time you interact with us!

We feel that this is especially relevant right now. 2020 has been a tough year in different ways for everyone. Our target as a is to make your day better, even if it’s just with a little sweet treat, and in doing so make our community overall just that much more of a sweeter place.

Our mission is summed up by explaining that each treat and recipe is handcrafted and features seasonal ingredients. These are the two most important characteristics of our products – which will we explain more in the next two blog posts!

Have a great week guys and check back next week for vol. 4 of Behind the Business!

Every Monday we will be sharing a "Behind the business" story. Follow us on IG @nickxfritz_munich for the live updates.

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