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Behind the Business vol. 5: Outlook 2021

Square photo of Nick&Fritz Founder holding the business card: pink bottom half with the green logo

You can take the girl out of corporate but you can’t take the corporate out of the girl, said someone, somewhere!? Ha ha, OK, I can’t validate the source but publishing a business update outlining the outlook for the new year is a habit ingrained in me from my former roles in corporate. So why not do the same for Nick&Fritz? You, dear fans, are anyways a little overdue to hear some recent news from Nick&Fritz HQ !

As some of the long-time fans might remember, we started out as a baked goods delivery business back in August 2020. As I shared in October 2020, we paused that part of the business for several reasons. Since then, we've focused 100% on our Baking Kit business & I wanted to share with you that going forward, this will be our sole focus! We will not be returning to finished baked goods.⁠ Check out our selection here!

⁠I started this business in 2020 because baking has always been my passion. Both the activity itself & because of the ability to spread love through baking. I believe sharing home-baked sweets is one of the most heartfelt gestures one can make. Equally special, is the time spent baking with loved ones. It is a quiet moment, free from distractions, that allows you to connect over a shared activity - & the best part, you get to eat something delicious at the end! My goal with Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats has always been to bring a smile to people's faces & spread the joy of baking. ⁠

What I've learned on this journey is that although I love baking, doing it 24/7 is not for me. (Shoutout to all the professional bakers out there getting up at 4am! 💪) This realization encouraged me to get creative & think of other ways to share the joy of baking with you. That's why I've pivoted to Baking Kits! I believe that our Baking Kits provide an even larger opportunity to sweeten your days - whether it's through helping you & your loved ones to share a precious moment baking together; as a gift to a dear friend; or empowering you to gift yourself a little me-time & bake up a batch of brownies.

This is why we have decided to focus on creating more of those special moments for you through our Baking Kits.

Thanks for your trust in me & following along on this journey! We have a lot of exciting special editions, collabs, & recipes in the works for you. I am happy you are here & look forward to sharing this journey with you! ✌️⁠

xo Anne

Founder⁠ of Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats

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