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Behind the Business Vol. 1: Who is our founder?

Photo of the Nick&Fritz business card


Hi there! My name is Anne and I am the founder of Nick&Fritz Sweet treats.

I am originally from Canada but I have been living here in Munich since 2013. I love it here - I think I was born in the wrong country ;) - however, I haven't learned to love German desserts. You know the typical ones - Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, Sachertorte, Marmorkuchen, etc. I promise that I've tried but I still prefer North American-style desserts. Despite searching here in Munich, I also haven't yet found somewhere to buy the perfect brownie or chocolate chip cookie. So after seven years working in the corporate world, I took the plunge and decided to start my own business offering North American-style desserts! 

At the beginning of my start-up journey, my plan was to use the first few months to set up the back-end and operational aspects of the business (Eignungsprüfung, Handelsregister, Finanzamt, etc. - explaining all this would require a separate blog post! :)) and open a café in early 2021. Well, here we are at the end of 2020 and unfortunately the Nick&Fritz delivery business is on hold due to the delayed Eignungsprüfung schedule (this is a test required in Germany to make/sell baked goods) and opening a café in the midst of a global pandemic isn't something I would recommend to anyone.

When I made the decision to pursue a start-up in gastronomy at the end of 2019, COVID-19 was still an unknown quantity here in Europe. I didn't expect lockdown number one and could not have predicted that almost a year later, we would be back in another lockdown situation. It's made for an interesting few months since pursuing the start-up, that's for sure! It has forced me to be creative in the types of products on offer, i.e. rolling out our newest product - at home baking kits, and to find ways to diversify the business. For now, I am focusing on the baking kits and virtual baking classes and keeping my fingers crossed for a vaccine in the near future! 

Every Monday I will be sharing a "Behind the business" story. Next week is the story behind our name! Follow us on IG @nickxfritz_munich for the live updates.

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  • Your website is really beautiful, Anne! And the pictures of the products you are offering are mouth-watering! :-)

    Silvia König
  • Itˋs amazing how you managed to launch such a website on your own👍👍👍

    Ute Geipel-Faber

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