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Happy International Women's Day!

Women make up 46% of the EU’s workforce (The World Bank Data Bank) but the European Investment Bank reports that only 30% of start-up entrepreneurs in the EU are female.

BCG found that Women-owned start-ups deliver twice as much per dollar invested as the average start-up but only 11% of the total venture funding available in the EU went to start-ups with at least 1 female founder (also reported by the European Investment Bank).

Female One Zero states that women are responsible for two thirds of all hours worked globally and yet, women earn one tenth of the global income.

These statistics indicate that there is still work to be done in order to achieve gender equality, particularly in the workforce. As a female-founded business, we strongly believe that women in the working world have the right to be seen, have their voices heard & be the boss babes they are without facing inequality & discrimination. To achieve this, however, we also believe there needs to be a baseline of equality for girls & women throughout her life. From safe access to birth control & family planning resources; to ensuring equal access to education & implementing laws which protect girls from teen marriage, to fair hiring practices & equal pay once in the job.

This is why we have chosen to support Womankind Worldwide with the profits from the Nick&Fritz International Women’s Day Baking Kit. Womankind Worldwide is a global women’s rights organization working towards a world where every woman & girl can live free from violence & discrimination; have a say in the decisions affecting her life; & be free to know & claim her rights. We believe that the work of Womankind Worldwide both lays the foundation for greater gender equality in the future & actively supports women to live in a safer environment, achieve greater economic empowerment, & know their rights today.

Our goal in supporting Womankind Worldwide is to ensure that girls & women are provided with the access & resources that they need during each stage of their lives to ensure that they can achieve their goals in a safe & equal environment.

We are choosing to challenge this International Women’s Day in honor of Boss Babes everywhere.

Join us & support now by ordering an International Women's Day Baking Kit here! 

Update: Thank you! So far we have raised €405.00 for Womankind Worldwide! (12.03.2021)

If you're interested in learning more about this topic, here are a few resources we recommend:

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