Our Story

 Our Story 

Hi there! We’re Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats, a start-up bringing you easy-to-use, handcrafted & sustainably-packed Baking Kits! We deliver everything you need to make delicious Sweet Treats in the comfort of your own home. 

Photo of Anne, founder of Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats

We were founded right here in Munich in 2020 with the goal of demystifying baking. Our founder, Anne, (we know, we know, you were expecting Nick or Fritz, but we’ll get to that in just a sec!) is originally from Canada & baking is her passion. Both the activity itself & because of the ability to spread love & curate togetherness through baking. 

At Nick&Fritz, we aim to share love & curate togetherness by bringing home-baking to every kitchen. Our vision with Nick&Fritz Baking Kits is to make baking simple, fun, & hassle-free for everyone. This is why we designed easy-to-use Baking Kits that take the fuss out of home baking without sacrificing quality ingredients, taste, or fun! Everything we do is with the intention to spread love through baking & curate moments of togetherness through the shared experience of using a Nick&Fritz Baking Kit. 

And… who are Nick and Fritz!?

Well, since you asked, Nick is Anne’s husband & Fritz is their adorable ginger kitty. When it came to picking a name for the business, it turned out every other name on her top list was already taken (or turned up some super strange google results which we will spare you from :P) so she started calling the business Nick&Fritz as a joke but the name stuck & here we are today!

But we personally think there is no better name. Our founder moved to Munich for love & after seven years working in the corporate world, she decided to found a company based on her passion. So why not name it after her two other loves? Too much?? Well, you are reading a website focused on sweetening your day, no one said sugar was the only way to do that! 😉

Our mission

Our passion is to make baking simple, fun, & hassle-free for everyone. We design easy-to-use Baking Kits that take the fuss out of home baking without sacrificing quality ingredients, taste, or fun!

We want to sweeten your day, one treat at a time!

 Our values

1. Handcrafted & Inclusive: each Baking Kit is made with love right here in Munich with a high priority on using local & organic ingredients. Additionally, we have extended our product range to include vegan & gluten-free options, ensuring there is something for everyone!

2. Environmentally-friendly: we believe in reducing our impact on the environment by ensuring our Baking Kits are sustainably packed using only recyclable & reusable materials. We also offer local delivery via bike for our Munich-based customers to lower carbon emissions caused by delivery. 

3. Easy-to-use: we believe in sharing the joy of baking, not the stress. We make sure our kits include all the dry ingredients you need & straight-forward instructions allowing you to get right to baking & enjoying your sweet treats.


PS: Nick&Fritz Sweet Treats is a brand fully owned & operated by Faber-Inkpen Foods UG. Wondering why we have a different legal name? Our shareholders would need to be named “Nick” & “Fritz” in order to register the company with our brand name. Considering Fritz is a cat, we figured that might not fly. Hence, you might see a different legal name depending on the context!